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Hi, I'm Madison! I play a variety of different instruments, but I've played violin the longest - over 20 years!

Inspired by my older brother who was taking piano lessons, I started violin when I was 6 years old. I wanted to learn music too, but I wanted something different so I thought, why not violin? I took lessons from ages 6 through 17 and in that time I honed my skills until I was able to learn and perform pieces at a Grade 8-9 level.

In my last year of lessons, I decided to try an RCM exam for the first time. On my teacher's advice, I backed off a few levels on the exam because it was something so new and different! I succesfully completed my level 6 RCM exam with First Honours. Unfortunately, I will admit, in preparing and studying for my exam, I was so concerned about doing every song, every study, every scale so perfectly that I lost sight of what violin really means to me: joy, art, and self expression!

That's why I decided to start ArcoMuse! A violin studio dedicated to helping students learn the joy of violin, music, and self expression. As a result I do not teach through RCM examinations. I currently teach students using a mix of the Suzuki Violin Repertoire, the Fiddleworks Series, and various other Celtic and Folk songs. I am also in the process of creating the ArcoMuse violin method. This will consist of a variety of songs, verbal explanations, and  to teach students the foundations of violin playing, while also exploring the mechanics of the violin to understand why we do things this way or that. I work with my students to explore different music genres to develop their violin technique all while finding ways to express ourselves through the love of music.

Are you ready to find your muse?

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