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I'm Madison! I am a multi-instrumentalist musician who specializes in violin. My whole life while learning to play the violin, I was always extremely curious as to the mechanics of how the darn thing works, but I could never get the answers I was looking for!

When I was in middle school, my class had to take woodshop, and while I was dreading it at first, I eventually discovered woodworking to be lots of fun! I actually loved woodworking, and it was then that I decided I wanted to learn how violins were made!

A few years passed and I met a violin luthier for the first time while buying a new bow, and he was kind enough to show me around his shop. I was blown away seeing violins in many different states of completion, it was like getting a sneak peak at a never-before-seen movie! It just reignited my desire to understand the inner workings of my instrument.

As an adult, I got a job working in sales in a local violin shop that had trained luthiers on staff. In between my sales duties, I would constantly go back into the shop and bombard the luthiers with questions about how violins are built, or the various repairs they were completing. Finally I started getting the answers I wanted! One day, one of the luthiers graciously offered to start teaching me and the others joined in.

Under the wing of three different violin luthiers, over the course of a few years I learned and completed a variety of different violin repairs, and certainly learned how the instrument works - Inside and out! Take a peak at the photo gallery below for some of the projects I've done!

Crack Repair and Cleating


Nut Carving


Bridge Carving


Corner Repair

Open Seam Fix

Bridge Fitting


Varnish Restoration


Varnish Restoration


Varnish Touch Up


Varnish Touch Up

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