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ArcoMuse Policies

  1. A minimum commitment of 3 months of lessons is required for beginners 

  2. Lesson payments are taken monthly and must be paid by the first lesson of the month, unless arranged otherwise.

  3. Missing payments for lessons results in a forfeiture of your reserved lesson time.

  4. If I cancel a lesson, it will either be made up or credited towards next month's lesson payments.

  5. If you can't make a lesson, notice must be given (minimum 2 hours before the lesson).

  6. Lessons cancelled by the student will be made up (within reason**).

  7. No notice, or late notice, of a missed lesson is not eligible for a make-up lesson or refund.

  8. Only one make-up lesson is offered per missed lesson. Missed make-up lessons result in a forfeiture of that lesson.

  9. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult to every lesson.

**I reserve the right to decline any make-up lesson requests especially for circumstances where the policy is being abused.

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